As a Law 1901 association, The Robots’ Makers needs partners, either financial or material, so it can achieve its projects and its ambitions !

Our needs:

Indeed, we will need founds for the administrative management of our association:

  • Accomodation;
  • Functioning costs;
  • Representation costs;
  • Tournament fees and associated trip charges;

Otherwise, we also will need material help for our projects:

  • Micro-controleur for the  artificial intelligence;
  • Development boards for prototyping;
  • Motors, Servo-motors and other actionners in order to realize all actions required during competitions;
  • Sensors (proximity, movement, optical, camera, …);
  • Electronic components in order to create printed circuits;

What we offer:

If you decided to share this adventure with us, we are offering the diffusion of your company’s name throughout our website (logo and article about company) and on social media.

We will offer a great visibility during our events (regrouping up to 3000 people):

  • Thanks to your logo on our T-shirts
  • Throughout our communication channels (social media, posters, flyers, videos…)
  • By distributing advertising articles (at your charge);

We will keep you informed on our projects and will give you detailed information before the competitions.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can talk further!

Thanks in advance !

The Robots’ Makers team