Test and use of the STRATOMAKER 3D printer

After having printed the pieces of our first Sumo Robot TORI, the Obro Company has chosen to support us by putting at our service its made in France 3D printer. In this article we will talk about this Stratomaker printer, a real favourite!

The receipt

The printer arrived, at our great surprise, in a sizeable cardboard box. The packaging was meticulous and insure the wedging of the printer. Nothing was leave to chance. However, the printer is very light: it weighs only 8kg for a reasonable size of about 42 x 42 x 52 cm. It is worth noting that Obro also sent us several filament spools at the same time, an opportunity for us to save the travel costs.

The start

Nothing could be simpler: you just have to put it on a flat area and to connect it to a power supply (after removing the protections of course!). The printer wakes up and lights up by press the on/off button. Indeed multi-coloured LEDs are placed on the front angles and give a futuristic aspect to the printer that we like very much!

The use

The printer is delivered with an illustrated user manual that facilitate the taking control. Easy to use, it has been a year since we make pieces with different materials and we are very satisfied with the printing quality and the ease of printing.

During the different competitions we participated in, the Stratomaker printer has always provoke a lot of interest from both young and old! The finish and the design of our robots, the precision of the pieces have astonished more than one!

Stratomaker_3 Stratomaker_4 Stratomaker_1 Stratomaker_2 Stratomaker_5

The pros

We had the opportunity to test other 3D printers and we must admit that the Stratomaker has a lot of advantages and benefits! We can especially list (beyond the printer design, the quality of the finish and the easy taking control):

  • A large printing volume (equivalent to a cube of about 20 cm side)
  • An integrated camera
  • A smartphone app allowing to pilot and follow the printing remotely
  • An intuitive control software

In the event of a problem we must specify that the after-sales service team is reactive and always give good advice. The exchanges were always very pleasant!


The cons (but not bloking !)

> The printer requires the use of owner filament spools, it means that they have a specific size to fit inside the printer (so the spools can be tidy during the printing). However, it is still possible to use other filament spools by putting it outside the printer.

> Note also that the current version of the Stratomaker Desktop software allows a limited number of functionalities (type of filling, type of grip…). But this will undoubtedly be developed in later versions. It is also possible to use another software (slicer) by integrating the printer settings.

The printer is currently in single extrusion but the double extrusion is under study (we are looking forward to test it!)


To conclude, according to us, the Stratomaker printer stand out from the crowd. Especially as, for a reminder, that it is a France made machine!

We would like to thank this partner and congratulate him for this great success. Thanks to him, we realize great quality robots (on this point we won a design prize during the 2017 Sumobot).

All we can do now is to hope that we will win a competition… But on this aspect, the printer can’t help us!

The Robots’ Makers Team