AERIS : our mini tank sumo!

This page is dedicated to our second sumo robot AERIS whose name is inspired by the Latin noun of copper, a material that constitute in part the robot. The strength of AERIS comes from its caterpillar tracks which remind the strength and grip of an army tank.

The design of AERIS was made in 6 months and required some modifications as we go along.

Here, presented below, are the different technical aspects of AERIS.


The electronics boards

1) The HMI board

The HMI (Human Machine Interface) board, the largest, is placed on the top of the robot. It makes the interface between the man and the machine and allows in particular to see the state of the sensors and the battery level. It also turns the battery power into a steady power supply for the robot (5 volt).

 Carte IHM
2) The AI board (Artificial Intelligence):

The Artificial Intelligence board is positioned vertically in the body of the robot. It allows to control the state of the sensors and to act accordingly.

3) The engine control board:

The engine control board is the intermediary between the power of the battery and the AI control. It guarantees, thanks to an engine driver, the transmission of an adequate power to the engines.  Moreover it supplies and centralizes all the sensors of AERIS.

Carte Moteur
4) The white line detector
Capteur Ligne Blanche

Two sensors boards are located under the robot and are equipped with phototransistors to detect the white line that demarcate the game plan.

All the boards have been drawn on the Altium Designer software; PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) were supplied by WeDirekt. Thank you to our partners.

Efficient battery:

Convinced by the use of the 7.4 V Lipo battery of 800mAh on TORI, we decided to equip AERIS with such a battery.  It has a large discharge capacity (35C) for a reduced weight and a size (50g for 55 x 31 x 16 mm). Placed on the top of the robot to be easily accessible (replacement or risk inherent to the Lipo technology) it ensures us a sufficient autonomy to do a series of match.


 The actuators and sensors:

1) The motors and caterpillars

AERIS is made up of two caterpillars powered by right angle geared motors, which saves place in the robot. The caterpillars, made of 20 links each, are covered of a very grip material which allowed AERIS to stay “stick” to the game plan.

2) The sensors

At the beginning, we had planned home-made infrared sensors boards. However, it proved difficult to put them in place especially as the date of the competition was coming closer. Therefore we decided to change the sensors system of the robot. So AERIS is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor and two infrared sensors in order to detect and track our opponent. On the contrary of its big brother TORI, AERIS does not have sensors on the back or on the sides. However its speed allows it to quickly turn on itself. 

Chenille et moteur Chenille finale AREIS

The mechanic:

1) 3D parts
AERIS mecanique

AERIS is designed thanks to the assembly of fifty-eight pieces made with a wooden and copper filament. Drawn on SolidWorks (CAD software), it was made thanks to the printer of our partner Obro: the Stratomaker. The print quality and the finishing of the pieces make AERIS a notice and award-winning robot at the Sumobot. Indeed, AERIS captivated the jury who awarded him the prize for the best design.

2) Characteristics

AERIS has a square base of 98 mm side and a height of 78 mm. Its total weight is 497 grams.