The competitions

Here is a presentation of the main competitions.

Sumobot cup:

The Sumobot tournament, organized by electronics school ESIEE, is a robotic competition where robots meet on a circular ground (diameter of 31,5 inches). The objective is to autonomously push the opponent out of the circle. The border, by being white unlike the rest of the ground, allows the robot not to exit on its own. The robots must not be larger than 10×10 cm (3,9×3,9 inches), and must not exceed 500 grammes (17,6 ounces).

2015 Sumbot in a few figures:

  • Location: Paris
  • 1 day of competition
  • 25 robots en competing
  • More than 100 people present (mostly from the parisian area)

National Robotics Tournament:

Similar to the Sumobot tournament, the National Robotics Tournament in Nîmes, organized by the IUT GEII, is a competition during which each combat opposes two Mini-sumo robots on a Dohyo (area game), according to the rules. Each robot is activated by a single person, and it must have been built by the contestants. The fight lasts until one of the robots scores a point, according to a judge. The robots must not be larger than 10×10 cm (3,9×3,9 inches), and must not exceed 500 grammes (17,6 ounces).

2015 National Robotics Tournament in a few figures:

  • Location: Nîmes
  • 1 day of competition
  • 6 different competitions
  • 50 robots competing
  • More than 100 people present (from all over France)


RobotChallenge is one of the biggest competitions for hand-made, autonomous and mobile robots in the world. It gathers people from all over the world, who are interested in robotics and want to share their creations with a large audience. With 14 different competitions, the event offers appropriate fields for beginners or more advanced competitors from all ages. As a reward for their hard work in IT, mechanics and artificial intelligence, RobotChallenge gives everybody the possibility to present their robot to an enthusiastic audience. Our category will be the Mini-Sumo [10×10 cm (3,9×3,9 inches),500 grammes (17,6 onces)].

2015 RobotChallenge 2015 in a few figures:

  • Location: Vienne (Austria)
  • 2 days of competitions
  • 14 different competitions
  • 600 robots competing
  • 56 countries represented (except for France)
  • More than 3000 people present